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Through predictive analytics and a B2B marketplace, Circunomics is challenging automotive OEMs, 2nd-life applications, and recyclers to embrace a more circular approach. Knowing that battery lifecycle management is complex, we are here to help these industries come together in the name of battery circularity. Here you will find everything you need to include Circunomics on your platform. We are the Battery Matchmakers. Help us share our story!


About Circunomics

  • Circunomics, GmbH was founded in 2019 and is already one of the leading companies in the field of battery circularity. The company is based in Mainz.
  • Founders, Felix Wagner and Jan Born, have set themselves the goal of establishing a circular battery economy by inspiring a movement of taking batteries from first life in electric vehicles, to second-life applications, and finally to the recycling of any remaining raw materials.
  • The Circunomics team has developed an innovative, digital marketplace where battery-packs in the form of digital "circular twins” can be registered, tracked, and traded.
  • The company has been supported thus far by seed investors and business angels. Startup builder Next Mobility Labs, recycler TES, Orlen VC, as well as Dr. Peter Mertens, former Chief Technology Officer of Audi are some of the key players.
  • In 2023, Circunomics was awarded the 2023 Market Leadership Award by US-based company, Frost & Sullivan. The award identified Circunomics as best in class in the European circular marketplace for battery trading industry.
  • Most recently, Circunomics was awarded 2nd Best StartUp 2023 within the automotive industry by Automobilwoche & McKinsey & Co.

Recent Press Releases


Circunomics übertrifft mit 279 Megawattstunden Handelsvolumen in 2023 die Erwartungen deutlich

Gebrauchte Batterien erfolgreich der Wiederverwendung im 2nd Life bzw. dem Recycling durch spezialisierte Unternehmen ...


Circunomics Exceeds Expectations with 279 Megawatt Hours Trading Volume in 2023

Used batteries successfully reused in 2nd-life or recycled by specialized companies.